What are the compliance requirements for suppliers on gemportalonline.com?

What are the compliance requirements for suppliers on gemportalonline.com?

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Suppliers on the GEM online registration platform gemportalonline.com must adhere to several compliance requirements to ensure transparency and reliability. These requirements include:

  1. Business Registration: Suppliers must have a valid business registration, such as a Certificate of Incorporation, MSME registration, or equivalent.

  2. GST Registration: A valid GST registration is mandatory for suppliers to conduct transactions on the platform.

  3. PAN Card: A copy of the business entity’s PAN card is required for tax purposes.

  4. Bank Account Verification: Suppliers must provide details of a verified bank account for transaction purposes.

  5. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): A valid DSC is needed for secure transactions and to sign documents electronically.

  6. Product Certification: For certain categories, suppliers may need to provide certifications proving compliance with industry standards.

  7. Adherence to GEM Policies: Suppliers must comply with GEM’s policies and guidelines, including those related to pricing, delivery timelines, and quality standards.

  8. Regular Updates: Suppliers are required to regularly update their product listings and business details to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Meeting these compliance requirements is essential for maintaining eligibility and credibility on gemportalonline.com, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient procurement process.

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